Premier Construction Sealant

ALSEAL Premier Construction Sealant is a one-component, elastomeric joint sealant formulated with acrylic
modified hybrid sealant, the premium grade of MS Polymer. The weatherability and UV resistance of the
sealant is excellent, with much longer expected service life than other organic sealants in the market. The
finishing is matt, less tacky, and with low electrostatic charge, thereby reducing fluid streaking issues on
façade cladding caused by air-borne dust particles.
Besides, the formula is also free of silicone oil, minimizing oil-staining or other building aesthetic issues
caused by migration of silicone oil. It has passed ASTM C1248, the standard test method for staining of
porous substrate by joint sealants.
Premium MS Polymer sealant is free of isocyanate and solvent and thus no issues like blistering
or shrinkage will occur. It also can adhere well to numerous substrates without primer, fast-curing, paintable
with common water-based coatings, and it is a green product that complies with SCAQMD rule 1168 Low
VOC limit.

Specially formulated to seal metal (e.g. ACP) and stone (e.g. marble) façade cladding due to its excellent
weatherability and non-staining/ less dirt-streaking characteristics. It is also recommended for sealing
concrete joints like precast wall panel joints construction joints, control joints, expansion joints, and window
frame perimeter sealing (PVC / Aluminum to concrete wall), both painted and non-painted surfaces. Other
recommended applications include sealing of masonry, brickworks, anodized aluminium, stainless steel,
porcelain, finished wood, coated metal, epoxy and polyester panels, uPVC, polystyrene, and many difficult


Excellent Weatherability – 10-year warranty
±50% Movement capability
ASTM C920 (Class 50) compliant
ASTM C1248 2018 Standard Test Method For Staining Of Porous Substrate By Joint Sealants
Low static charge – Less fluid-streaking
No silicone oil – Non-staining on adjacent substrates
No isocyanate – No blistering
No solvent – No shrinkage
Bonds most substrates without primer
Matte finish

Approvals/ Specifications

ASTM C920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 50, Use NT & A
ASTM C1248: 2018 Standard Test Method For Staining Of Porous Substrate By Joint Sealants
Low VOC – USEPA Method 24 under SCAQMD Rule 1168


Matte black, matte grey & matte white