Acrylic Elastomeric Coating

ALSEAL Acrylic Elastomeric Coating is designed to provide a multi-purpose water-based elastomeric acrylic coating for joint-less sealing of roofs and other substrates with a lot of cracks and water seepage. It features a versatile function due to the 100% acrylic latex composition which is extremely durable, fungus and algae resistant, UV degradation resistant, high elongation, high volume solids and low shrinkage.

Well suited for repairing roof slabs where there are cracks and water seepage, and helps prolong the lifespan. It prevents water leakages by bridging and sealing hairline cracks in roof slabs, concrete, bricks, screeds, wood, metal, composite fiberboard, foam board and other substrates, but NOT FOR areas that are subject to heavy foot traffic like decks, alcoves, ponds and tanks.
Offers excellent long term protection against weathering damages and remain fully flexibility with aging by expanding or contract during temperature changes thus prevent new hairline cracks from breaking through the film.
It is easy to apply vertically or horizontally and as well as a decorative coating due to the high thixotropic characteristic. It is also can be used as premium water-based paint due to easy clean-up, low odour, very low VOC.


Excellent UV resistance
Fungus and algae resistance
Vertical and horizontal applications


White, grey or special order colors


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