ALSEAL Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is one of the fastest growing topics among business owners, producers and consumers in Australia. We believe that there has been already too much damage done for the environment by unethical business practices, unsustainable way of production and consumption. Now is the time to act and become a part of the sustainability movement – it is a must if we want see our planet thrive.

Setting the Standard High

At ALSEAL, we take the sustainability and environmental issues very seriously. We believe in an alternative way of thinking, therefore, we produce environmentally friendly, non hazardous and non toxic adhesives and sealants. Our work is based on ethical production standards, therefore, we make it our goal to follow the sustainable production guidelines in our daily activities.

We see construction as a complex system and believe that each part of this system must be as environmentally friendly as possible. What is more, we are committed to educating our customers about the importance of choosing safe and environmentally-friendly products for their construction projects.

We hope to become the leading supplier of environmentally-friendly adhesives and sealants in Australia. This is only the beginning of a new exciting journey for us and we want you to be a part of it.

Taking Family Health Seriously
We take the full responsibility of our products, making sure they are effective and safe to use. ALSEAL environmentally-friendly polymer-based adhesives and sealants are Isocyanate free and do not cause any harm to the environment or to your health. We make it our top priority to continuously create products that are safe to use in home renovation as well as public renovation projects, such as construction works in schools and preschools. After being installed, ALSEAL polymer-based adhesives and sealants do not emit any toxic substances into the air, therefore, do not in any way affect your and your family’s health.

Health & Safety of the Users
Adhesives and sealants are the least visible part of the construction process, yet it can make a huge difference to our health and safety. The majority of polyurethane adhesives and sealants in the market contain Isocyanate – a toxic curing agent, which can negatively affect our health.
Adhesives and sealants, containing Isocyanates, continuously diffuse toxic gas even years after the products have been used in the building process. As a result, they can dramatically worsen the indoor air quality and cause various health conditions, such as asthma, skin irritations and respiratory health disorders.

Efficiency & High Precision
One of the key identifiers of being sustainable is using less resources to achieve the same end goal. We strive to manufacture efficient, easy-to-use products, offering great results each time. We do not accept any compromises on the product quality and always aim for long-term solutions. When it comes to formulating ALSEAL adhesives and sealants, we seek for a perfectly smooth finish, extremely high tack strength, maximum precision and longevity.