BX Bitumen Emulsion Waterproofing

ALSEAL BX Bitumen Emulsion Waterproofing is a heavy-duty, multi-purpose, water-based bitumen emulsion coating for joint-less waterproofing compound and allows high water vapour permeability against the blistering. It is economic, ready-to-use and dry into flexible, odour-less, taint free, toxic-free, fungus resistance, durable coating especially effective in reducing “concrete cancer”, carbonation, spelling and sole plate attack.

General waterproofing: concrete, brick, bitumen & mastic asphalt membranes, asbestos cement, slates, tiles, lead copper, zinc, corrugated iron and similar surfaces.
Wet area waterproofing: toilet, kitchen, balconies, walls, planter box, insulation protection, etc.
Metal protection: against pipe corrosion, structural steelwork, gutting and downpipes, shed walls water tanks, troughs, metal fence posts, garden frames windmill frames, drums, outdoor machinery and other metallic equipment.


Ready to use
Free of solvent, odour and taint
High-temperature stability
Fungus resistance


Dark brown


Product Code



4.5 kg pail
18.0 kg pail
20.0 kg pail
200.0 kg drum