Fan Clutch Oil

Fan clutch oil is a high viscous silicone oil with its characteristics of clear colour, odourless, non-toxic and non-irritating. It has excellent heat and cold resistance (-50 °C ~ 200 °C). It also offers good dielectric properties and good electrical insulating performance. In addition, it has a strong shear capacity and good light-admitting quality, low surface tension, good water moisturize, low volatile characteristics. Silicone oil has a variety of application functions, as well as for a wide range of products and different type of industries.

Automotive Industry: Used in motor, fan clutch, shock absorber because of it high temperature resistant and waterproof. It also used for transformer, capacitor oil, can make the transformer smaller, increase the capability.

Car Spare parts: buffer damper car fan, etc. Using this product for liquid spring, small volume, light weight, can bear strong impaction in a wide range of temperature, perfect shock resistance.

Electronic Appliance: Used as lubrication of rubber, plastic, machinery, bearings and gears etc.


High viscosity
Non-toxic and non-corrosive
Low surface tension
Good heat and cold resistance




Product Code



18 ml


1,000 bottles